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Doing things differently

I started this almost 4 year nutritionist journey with one goal in mind - to help others improve their health through food. When deciding on a business model to make this possible I began to realize that most nutritionist services are based on buying "packages." These packages usually include an assessment and then some follow up visits. Now, if you are anything like me when you have a package like this you tend to space out those followups so that you do not have to buy more. Take yoga class packages for example. You buy a 5-class pack and attend the first one. It makes you feel amazing and you would love to do it everyday - but wait, that is expensive! So you only go once a week and you do not get the benefits that you would if you were to go more often. However, if you had an unlimited monthly plan instead you would take full advantage of it by taking as many classes as you could to get your money's worth. Doing it this way would obviously get you more results in a shorter period of time.

I want to apply that unlimited monthly mentality to nutrition. Instead of coming up with a plan and goals at an initial assessment and then not seeing each other for a month, wouldn't it be great if we were able to connect daily? I want us to work together as much as needed to get you where you want to be. My unlimited monthly plan gives you whatever you need, whenever you need it. At the grocery store and cannot figure out which cereal to buy? Send me pics and we can discuss it over text. Staring at a new vegetable you bought and have no idea what to do with it? Let me know and I can send you a great recipe for it. Need to purge your pantry of junk food? I will bring the coffee and the Spotify playlist so we can make a party out of it.

My goal is your success and for that to happen we both need to go all in. When you invest in your health with an upfront cost, my hope is that you will use every resource presented to you to its fullest.

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