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Nutrition Education

I am passionate about education and believe everyone should understand how their body is supposed to work.  This leads to informed choices when taking medications, wondering about a new fad diet or just understanding what your body is trying to tell you.

Cooking Skills

Healthy eating is almost impossible without getting into the kitchen.  I consider myself a good cook, but I am also a cheap, lazy cook.  We use your food preferences to make fast, delicious meals that can easily fit into anyone's schedule.

Grocery Store Tours

Does the produce aisle make you anxious? Does the fish counter intimidate you?  Let's go through your neighborhood grocery store and dissect it to make you a confident healthy shopper.  We can cover organic vs not, non-GMO, wild-caught, free-range, grass-fed, food labels, anything that you find daunting.  Pantry staples and tips for cooking/storing produce will absolutely be thrown in.

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*This is an extra cost outside of Concierge Nutrition and will include food costs*

Want to have a great time while learning how to be healthier?  Have a group of like-minded people who all seem to have the same questions?  

Well, group education and cooking demos are a few of my favorite things!  Whether you have groups of friends, family or co-workers, we can customize topics relevant to everyone involved.  

 Delicious, healthy recipes for the holidays, nutrition for kids, mindful eating on the go, healthy aging, or whatever topic you have in mind.  Everyday Wellness Nutrition aims to mend the gap between knowing and doing, making health an everyday thing. 

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